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ParentAssess Courses

The Assessor training is suitable for any professional working in social care but if they want to complete parenting assessments for Court they should be registered with SWE (or equivalent).


We believe it is important that assessors (and those supporting parents) understand the issues facing parents who have learning disabilities and additional needs. Although prior experience is valuable, these skills are covered on the ParentAssess Training and additional courses are available. 

An important element of the assessment process is to consider attachment issues and attunement and some knowledge of attachment is useful but again this is covered on the training. 

Because the child's experience is central to the assessment process, the training pays particular attention to developing skills in observing the parent/child interaction and how to use video feedback.

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We offer a range of other  workshops and courses including Train the Trainer 

Course Content 

100% of participants have said they would recommend the course.  

The 2 day training is aimed at developing specialist knowledge and skills in working with vulnerable parents and learning about the use of the framework tools. 

Sessions cover the following topics :-

  • Introducing the ParentAssess concept - what makes it different

  • Learning Disability - causes and issues

  • Case Law - what this means for assessment

  • Cognitive Assessments - how to read and incorporate findings into assessments

  • Understanding the role of the Official Solicitor 

  • Recognising parenting patterns

  • Understanding how attachment impacts on parenting 

  • Child observation techniques 

  • Methods of learning 

  • Parental involvement in the assessment process

  • How to make the child central to the assessment

  • Learning how to use each of the ParentAssess tools and software

Reviews based on Anonymous Feedback

The course was delivered using a good level of interactions. Resources used were simple to understand and very practical to use. Trainers kept trainees engaged and there was no room for boredom

One of the best courses I have been on!  It was so varied and I feel I have learnt so much about parents with a learning disability but also developed my skills in assessment. 


Online delivery of the training was excellent


A different way to assess parents, that is mindful of their learning difficultly and allows them to communicate what they can do. I like how the assessment is also very child focused which ultimately is the point of all the work we do and some other parenting assessments can loose the focus of the child


The main learning for me was to ensure you are providing every parent with a fair and balanced opportunity to care for their children safely


Very well presented course balancing providing information, group learning opportunities to try using tools.

This was really interactive and informative. Both trainers kept me engaged throughout both days. It was really clear and interesting.


Post Course Support

When you complete training of a new assessment framework sometimes you need a bit of advice to get started. ParentAssess offers a range of post course support which is highly valued by the social workers attending the course.


This is what one ISW said: 


Parent Assess has some fantastic and informative training, however what sets them apart is their amazing support services.  You are able to speak to someone in person and they provide excellent support with not only the practical elements of a PA when completing this for the first time but also in terms of any case related questions when completing a Parent Assess. 


Sarah provides excellent support, she is encouraging, has a wealth of knowledge on assessments and is an advocate for ensuring that any assessment is thorough, child centred and fair. The support I have received from Parent Assess really has been invaluable. 


The support from the technical side of registering software is excellent with the people offering this service being able to respond very quickly and to be available to talk you through any queries that you have.  They are friendly, professional and have a strong personal investment and interest in the Parent Assess and a good knowledge of Social Work assessments. 


Not only is Parent Assess providing a great service at this time but the developments planned for the future are also exciting and undertaking the Parent Assess training makes you feel very much part of these developments and involved in a supportive and accessible network. 

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