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What is an assessment like?

Having an assessment can make parents very worried but the assessor should work with you in a respectful way and listen to you. They will have some meetings with you and see you with your child.  The assessor will also speak to others . 

They will want to hear about things you do well. They will also need to hear about things that make it harder for you to parent your child. 

The assessor will ask about different parts of your life and what happened to you before. This information will help them understand you.


It is better to be honest as this will help the assessor work out what could help you.  

All the parts of the assessment will be given a colour Red, Amber or GreenPlease do not worry if you get Reds or Ambers at the start because there is time for these to change. 

Will it be like a test?

No. We do not expect a parent to know all the answers because no parent does.  The assessor will need to understand how much you do know and also if you have worked out a way around any issues you are not sure of. 

The assessor will use all sorts of things to help you. They will try to understand more about the way you parent your child. Parents have told us they have really enjoyed this part of the assessment. 


The assessor will need to see you being with your child but do not worry, if they see anything you could improve they will let you know. 


What happens if I make a mistake?

If something has happened the assessor is worried about, they will talk to you about it. People make mistakes and sometimes things happen in life which cause problems. 

Finding solutions is an important part of parenting.


The assessor will need to understand how any issues might impact on your child. 

When will I know the outcome ?

The Assessor will need to think about all the information they have gathered and they will write a report which explains their decision.


They will give you a shorter version of the report which will explain....

  1. What you do well 

  2. What they are worried about 

  3. What they are going to tell the court


The assessor will also give you a table with traffic lights to show how they came to their decision.  

The  assessment report is the Assessor's opinion and it will be the Judge who makes the decision about the outcome. 

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