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ParentAssess Courses


If your team or organisation would like to hear more about ParentAssess, we offer a free 30-40 minute online presentation. 

You will hear about the framework and tools and see how easy it is to interpret the tables. 

We will explain the courses available. 

Support Workers Workshop

This 1 day course provides an overview of the framework and the ParentAssess approach and enables other members of the team or service to work effectively in supporting the parent either before or during the assessment.  It includes the observations skills of the pre-verbal child.

Manager's  Workshop

The workshop provides an overview of the ParentAssess framework and how each tool can be used across different areas of practice. It is helpful to those providing supervision to Assessing Social Workers and understanding the requirements of the Good Practice Guidance 2021.

Assessor Training

The 2 day training is aimed at developing specialist knowledge and skills in working with vulnerable parents and learning about the use of the framework tools

We currently offer virtual and face-2-face training sessions. 

Click 'More' for further information. 

Observation Skills Workshop

This is an online introduction to understanding the range of cues the pre-verbal child uses. It enables those observing family time to provide more effective feedback to the parent with the aim of developing their attunement to their child.

The workshop is for 3 hours.  

Legal Advocate’s Workshop

This is open to solicitors and barristers in Family Law. It provides an outline of the ParentAssess framework and describes the approach adopted. It explains how case law and the Good Practice Guidance 2021 are applied. It provides tips on what to look out for to ensure the parent and the child have been given appropriate consideration.

Train the Trainer

This is open to Local Authorities who have trained a group of staff but want to be able to train others due to any future staff turnover. Please note ParentAssess is a complex course and Trainers will need a good working knowledge of the framework before attending this training.  The Local Authority will also need to sign the Training Licence Agreement

This course is over 2 days online. 

ParentAssess Reviews

Image by Daniel Olah

Anonymous F2F Assessor Course Local Authority Delegate April 2023

Trainers were engaging,knowledgeable and provided a safe space to encourage participation

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